Bartok*, Ivan Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra – The Wooden Prince / Dance Suite


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The Wooden Prince, BB 74 (Ballet Pantomime In One Act By: Bela Balazs)
1 I. Introduction (Molto Moderato) 4:31
2 II. First Dance: Dance Of The Princess In The Forest (Molto Moderato) 4:46
3 III. Second Dance: Dance Of The Trees (Assai Moderato) 4:57
4 IV. Third Dance: Dance Of The Waves (Andante) 10:38
5 V. Fourth Dance: Dance Of The Princess With The Wooden Doll (Allegro) 15:08
6 VI. Fifth Dance: The Princess Pulls And Tugs At The Wooden Prince And Tries To Make Him Dance (Meno Mosso (Subito)) 1:46
7 VII. Sixth Dance: She Tries To Attract The Real Prince With Her Seductive Dancing 1:38
8 VIII. Seventh Dance: Dismayed, The Princess Attempts To Hurry After The Prince, But The Forest Bars Her Way (Moderato) 8:03
Dance Suite, BB 86 (For Orchestra)
9 I. Moderato 3:13
10 II. Allegro Molto 2:13
11 III. Allegro Vivace 3:00
12 IV. Molto Tranquillo 3:03
13 V. Comodo 1:03
14 VI. Finale. Allegro 3:59