Billie Holiday – Loveless Love


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1 Romance In The Dark
2 Georgia On My Mind
3 Miss Brown To You
4 What A Little Moonlight Can Do
5 Twenty Four Hours A Day
6 Yankee Doodle Never Went To Town
7 Loveless Love
8 What Is This Going To Get Us
9 Night & Day
10 More Than You Know
11 Hello, My Darling
12 Let’s Dream In The Moonlight
13 Under A Blue Jungle Moon
14 If You Were Mine
15 This ‘N’ That ‘N’ Those
16 Let’s Call A Heart
17 Please Keep Me In Your Dreams
18 You’re Gonna See A Lot Of Me
19 You’re So Desirable
20 I Wish I Had You
21 I’ll Never Fail You
22 Spreading Rhythm Around