Embrace – A Glorious Day – Live In Leeds (DVD/CD)


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DVD1-0 Intro 1:01
DVD1-2 Ashes 2:21
DVD1-3 All You Good Good People 6:35
DVD1-4 Looking As You Are 4:46
DVD1-5 Someday 5:54
DVD1-6 Gravity 5:50
DVD1-7 Wish ‘Em All Away 4:18
DVD1-8 New Adam New Eve 3:46
DVD1-9 Keeping 4:53
DVD1-10 Come Back To What You Know 5:15
DVD1-11 Save Me 5:07
DVD1-12 Out Of Nothing 8:32
DVD1-13 A Glorious Day 4:50
DVD1-14 Wonder 4:52
DVD1-15 The Good Will Out 9:33
DVD1-16 Credits 1:00
Bonus Features
Music Videos
DVD1-17 Gravity (Video) 5:01
DVD1-18 Ashes (Video) 4:12
DVD1-19 Looking As You Are (Video) 4:06
DVD1-20 Glorious Day (Video) 3:53

DVD1-21 Documentary 29:44
DVD1-22 Embrace Uncovered
CD-1 Gravity (Live) 4:41
CD-2 A Glorious Day (Live) 3:56
CD-3 Keeping (Live) 4:38