Gilbert And Sullivan*, The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company*, Isidore Godfrey, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra* – The Pirates Of Penzance


2 Discs.

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1-1 Overture
1-2 Pour, Oh Pour The Pirate Sherry
1-3 When Fred’rick Was A Little Lad
1-4 Oh, Better Far To Live And Die
1-5 Oh ! False One, You Have Deceived Me
1-6 Climbing Over Rocky Mountains
1-7 Stop! Ladies, Pray! A Man!
1-8 Oh ! Is There Not One Maiden Breast
1-9 Oh Sisters, Deaf To Pity’s Name, For Shame !
1-10 Poor Wand’ring One
1-11 What Ought We To Do, Gentle Sisters, Say?
1-12 How Beautifully Blue The Sky
1-13 Stay, We Must Not Loose Our Senses
1-14 Hold, Monsters!
1-15 I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General
2-1 Oh ! Men Of Dark And Dismal Fate
2-2 Hail Poetry, Thou Heav’n Born Maid!
2-3 You May Go, For You’re At Liberty
2-4 Pray Observe The Magnanimity
2-5 Oh ! Dry The Glist’ning Tear
2-6 When The Foemen Bares His Steel
2-7 Then Frederic
2-8 Now For The Pirates’ Lair !
2-9 When The Foemen Bares His Steel
2-10 Away, Away, My Heart’s On Fire
2-11 All Is Prepared !
2-12 Stay, Fred’ric, Stay!
2-13 Ah, Leave Me Not To Pine Alone And Desolate
2-14 Oh, Here Is Love And Here Is Truth
2-15 No, I’ll Be Brave !
2-16 Sergeant Approach
2-17 When A Felon’s Not Engaged In His Employment
2-18 A Rollicking Band Of Pirates We
2-19 With Cat-Like Tread
2-20 Hush ! Hush ! Not A Word
2-21 Singing Softly To The River
2-22 Now What Is This, And What Is That
2-23 We Triumph Now
2-24 Away With Them, And Place Them At The Bar
2-25 Poor Wand’ring Ones, Though You Have Surely Strayed