Ian Paice – Not For The Pro’s (DVD/CD)


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DVD-1 Introduction “Not For The Pro’s”
DVD-2 A Drummer’s Guide
Abbey Road Sessions
DVD-3 Paicesetter
DVD-4 Dustbins
‘Roadieview’ Live
DVD-5 Ted The Mechanic
DVD-6 Lazy
DVD-7 Knockin’ At Your Back Door
DVD-8 Highway Star
DVD-9 Monitor Problems
DVD-10 Fools (Drum Solo)
DVD-11 Pictures Of Home (Intro)
DVD-12 Speed King (Drum Solo)
DVD-13 Dropped Drumstick

DVD-14 The Drum Clinic ‘Ian Paice Style’
DVD-15 Australian Interview
DVD-16 Photographic Gallery
DVD-17 Ian Paice Biography
DVD-18 Credits
CD-1 Dustbins (Abbey Mix) 8:01
CD-2 Dustbins (Less Strings Mix) 8:01
CD-3 Dustbins (No Fade Mix) 0:54
CD-4 Paicesetter (Abbey Mix) 2:38
CD-5 Paicesetter (Alternate Mix) 2:39
CD-6 Paicesetter (Alternate Two) 2:39
CD-7 Paicesetter (Abbey Mix Take One) 3:08