Patrick Street – The Best Of Patrick Street




1 Patrick Street/The Carraroe Jig
2 Dennis Murphy’s Reel/The Bag Of Spuds/MacFarley’s Reel
3 Facing The Chair
4 Brian O’Lynn/The Woods Of Old Limerick
5 The Shores Of Lough Gowna/Contentment Is Wealth/Have A Drink On Me
6 A Prince Among Men (Only A Miner)
7 Carherlistrane Jig/Gallowglass Jig/Kanturk Jig
8 A Forgotten Hero
9 Frank Quinn’s Reel/Lad O’Beirne’s/Murphy’s Reel
10 Music For A Found Harmonium
11 The Holy Ground
12 Hard By Seifin/Woodcock Hill
13 The Mouth Of Tobique/Billy Wilson
14 William Taylor
15 Mrs. O’Sullivan’s Jig/Caliope House
16 The Newmarket Polkas (Walshe’s Polka/Dan Mac’s Polka/Terry Teahan’s Polka)
17 Lintheads: The Pride Of The Springfield Road/Lawrence Common/Goodbye Monday Blues
18 Sweeney’s Reel