Room Eleven – Live In Carré (DVD/CD)


Dutch band. Disbanded in December 2009

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DVD-1 What Will It Be?
DVD-2 Come Closer
DVD-3 Sad Song
DVD-4 Rainy Day In The Sun
DVD-5 Could That Be You?
DVD-6 Chinatown
DVD-7 Seeds
DVD-8 I Wanna Be Your …
DVD-9 Not Jealous
DVD-10 Ode
DVD-11 Business Card
DVD-12 One Of These Days
DVD-13 Swimmer
DVD-14 Somedays
DVD-15 Greenest Grass
DVD-16 Lalala Love
DVD-17 Note On The Door
DVD-18 Always
DVD-19 Hey Hey Hey!
DVD-20 Stronger
DVD-21 You Made Me See It
DVD-22 Behind The Scenes 11:00
CD-1 What Will It Be? 3:59
CD-2 Come Closer 2:51
CD-3 Sad Song 2:40
CD-4 Rainy Day In The Sun 4:28
CD-5 Could That Be You? 4:19
CD-6 Not Jealous 4:03
CD-7 Ode 6:53
CD-8 One Of These Days 5:13
CD-9 Swimmer 4:11
CD-10 Somedays 1:30
CD-11 Greenest Grass 3:11
CD-12 Lalala Love 4:51
CD-13 Note On The Door 6:25
CD-14 Always 4:16
CD-15 Hey Hey Hey! 4:06
CD-16 You Made Me See It 5:34
CD-17 Stronger 4:04