Skunk Anansie – Smashes & Trashes (cd/dvd)


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CD.01 Charlie Big Potato
CD.02 I Can Dream
CD.03 Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)
CD.04 Tear The Place Up
CD.05 Weak
CD.06 Secretly
CD.07 Because Of You
CD.08 All I Want
CD.09 Brazen (Weep)
CD.10 Twisted
CD.11 Squander
CD.12 Lately
CD.13 Selling Jesus
CD.14 Charity
CD.15 You’ll Follow Me Down
DVD.01 Selling Jesus
DVD.02 I Can Dream
DVD.03 Charity
DVD.04 Weak
DVD.05 All I Want
DVD.06 Twisted
DVD.07 Brazen (Weep)
DVD.08 Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good) (Uncut Version)
DVD.09 Charlie Big Potato
DVD.10 Secretly
DVD.11 Lately (Uncut Version)
DVD.12 You’ll Follow Me Down
DVD.13 Tear The Place Up
DVD.14 Because Of You
DVD.15 Squander