Steve Morse – Cruise Control (DVD)


Steven J. “Steve” Morse (born July 28, 1954) is an American guitarist, best known as the founder of the Dixie Dregs, and the guitar player in Deep Purple since 1994 until his departure from the band in July 2022.

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Dixie Dregs – Live In Connecticut 2001
1 Dixie Dregs– Bloodsucking Leeches
2 Dixie Dregs– Country House Shuffle
3 Dixie Dregs– Assembly Line
4 Dixie Dregs– Hereafter
5 Dixie Dregs– Justice For All
6 Dixie Dregs– Steve’s Welcome
7 Dixie Dregs– Busybodies
8 Dixie Dregs– Kat Food
9 Dixie Dregs– Sleeveless In Seattle
10 Dixie Dregs– Brick Chicken
11 Dixie Dregs– Dance Of The Maya
12 Dixie Dregs– The Bash
13 Dixie Dregs– Cruise Control
14 Dixie Dregs– Ionized
15 Dixie Dregs– Take It Off The Top
Steve Morse Band – Live In New York 1992
16 Steve Morse Band– Northern Lights
17 Steve Morse Band– Picture This
18 Steve Morse Band– Jesus Joy Of Man’s Desiring
19 Steve Morse Band– Jammin’
20 Steve Morse Band– Point Counterpoint
21 Steve Morse Band– Little Kids
22 Steve Morse Band– Flat Baroque
23 Steve Morse Band– Ghostwind
24 Steve Morse Band– Get It In Writing
25 Steve Morse Band– Country Colours
26 Steve Morse Band– Tumeni Notes
27 Steve Morse Band– Sparkle Plenty
28 Steve Morse Band– Rocky Top
“The Guitar Show”
29 Steve Morse– Interview