Various – Lazy Dog Volume 2




1-1 Jon Cutler– It’s Yours (Original Distant Music Mix)
1-2 E-Smoove– The Guitar
1-3 Sade– By Your Side (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)
1-4 7th District Inc.– Destiny (Deep FM Trumpet Mix)
1-5 Lucy Pearl– Without You (Liquid People Vocal Mix)
1-6 Peal Orchestra– No Win Situation (Kluster Uplifting Mix)
1-7 Sunshine Anderson– Hear It All Before (Ben Watt Lazy Dog Remix)
1-8 Lith De Lanka– Dreamoz (D’Julz Mix)
1-9 Deep Swing– In The Music (Sunswing Mix)
1-10 Patrick Green– My Love For You (Live Element Remix)
2-1 Andy Caldwell– I Can’t Wait (Original Flavor Mix)
2-2 Roc & Presta– RocSette’s Groove (Latin Horizon Mix)
2-3 Kim English– Been So Long (Wamdue Speakeasy Vocal Mix)
2-4 DJ Sonic– All That I Give (Dub Mix)
2-5 Mundo Azul– Sereia (Original Mix)
2-6 Benjamin Diamond– In Your Arms (We Gonna Make It) (Joey Negro Revival Dub)
2-7 Yolanda Wyns– I Know You, I Live You (Joey Negro Revival Mix)
2-8 Nova Fronteira– Supernova (Club Mix)
2-9 Phunkie Souls– Tha Music (Knee Deep Club Mix)
2-10 Bibi– Summer