Yes – YesSpeak (DVD)


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1.1 Sacred Ground
1.2 Full Circle
1.3 There’s Always Been A Yes
1.4 Spotlight On Chris
1.5 Spotlight On Jon
2.1 Spotlight On Steve
2.2 Spotlight On Alan
2.3 Spotlight On Rick
2.4 On The Road
2.5 Yes Music
Live Audio Set
2.6.1 Siberian Khatru
2.6.2 Magnification
2.6.3 Don’t Kill The Whale
2.6.4 In The Presence Of:
2.6.4.I Deeper
2.6.4.II Death Of Ego
2.6.4.III True Beginner
2.6.4.IV Turn Around And Remember
2.6.5 We Have Heaven
2.6.6 South Side Of The Sky
2.6.7 And You And I
2.6.8 To Be Over/Clap
2.6.9 Show Me
2.6.10 Rick Wakeman Solo:
2.6.10.I Intro To Catherine Of Aragon
2.6.10.II Celtic Jig
2.6.10.III Jane Seymour
2.6.11 Heart Of The Sunrise
2.6.12 Long Distance Runaround
2.6.13 The Fish
2.6.14 Awaken
2.6.15 I’ve Seen All Good People:
2.6.15.I Your Move
2.6.15.II All Good People
2.6.16 Roundabout