Zim Ngqawana – Zimphonic Suites (CD)


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1 Ingoma Ya Kwantu
1 Invocation
2 Royal Drumming
3 Resolution
5 Intlombe Variations
4 Diviners Ceremony
5 Ebhofolo (This Madness)
6 Bantu (Rainbow Nation)
9 Abaphantsi (Ancestry Suite)
7 Sad Africa (A Country Without A Name)
8 Ode To Princess Magogo (Classical Composer)
9 Old Blues (Early Harmonic Devices)
10 Compassion
11 www.kwantunent.com (African Continent)
15 Ballroom Dance Suite
12 Man And Woman (Duality Of Life)
13 Man (A Dying Father Figure)
14 Two To Tangle (Challenges Of Life)
19 Celebrations
15 Chisa (Wedding Festivities)
16 Gobbliesation (In A Global Village)
17 Beautiful Love (It’s All About Love)